The ± Factors Tell me another story 13 seconds, 13 months, 13 years

13 seconds, 13 months, 13 years

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"Tell me another story."

I smiled.

"I don't like this one. You lose control, and you never figure out why. You are stuck in the story and it feels like forever."





Troop movement

13 seconds

Driving. Sun. Sand. Hot. Dust. Car. Snipers. Privates. Hit. Friends. Arm. Blood. Grenade. Hurts. Backup. Hit. Out. Run. Load. Shoot. Wait. Backup. Paramedics. 


13 months

"Now let us go through this one more time. Phil, you sat in the MK. Who was in charge of the operation? Who was driving?"


13 years

High Holborn. Empty cup. Passing people. Post man. Hate post. Empty cup. Need drink. Get out. Troop movement.