The Mission

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Mission (im)possible

Hard Rock Café

Do you recognize these:

We’re on a mission from God.
Love all, serve all.
Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

My three favorite mission statements belong to Blues Brothers, Hard Rock Café and Google. They are simple, straightforward, value adding mission statements guiding all actions in a specific direction. They can be quoted anytime and anywhere by everyone who have been in touch with them. They also include another interesting trait: Although Blues Brothers is fictional; their mission statement makes them do whatever it takes to get there. The same goes for Hard Rock Café and Google. As a consequence, the Blues Brothers story resulted in a happy ending and the two companies experienced rapid growth. You probably know the Google history by now, but did you know that it took 11 years for Hard Rock from their start in London (1971) to decide going international with over 130 venues in 40 countries as we speak?

So what is a good mission? Besides embodying the idea of a company in movement making it easy for people to know how they move, it also includes some positive entitlement issues. Back to psychological issues, that is.


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