The Equity

±: 1.1.4 The Equity

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Show me the money!

MoneyHave you heard? There is not enough money around. We need more to get the market up and running again. Governments think so. Companies think so too. Governments can print new bills, companies can issue new shares. But have you really thought of what they are doing in a wider sense? Ok, they add money, but the consequence is that the market gets calmer, gets a relief, feels secure.

The added capital suddenly takes the form of nothing else than just another antidepressant killing anxiety for one more day, one more week – or as most issuers wish for: killing all future anxiety.

The most valuable antidepressant in history was presented at the G20 meeting in London April 2nd 2009. The leaders of the biggest economies in the world agreed that the market needed USD 1,100,000,000,000 – 1,100 billion US dollars. Could be placing in Guinness Book of Records. The question is whether it would be placed in the chapter dealing with Finance or the one dealing with Painkillers.


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