Group 1 - Values

When we talk about company values we talk about the basics - the basics that work as positive or negative triggers and drivers.

The values can be summarized as follows:

  • How a company's vision defines the playground as it see it
  • How a company's mission defines what it wants to do on the playground
  • How a company's business idea defines how it can earn money performing its mission

In addition, we will take a look at some value reinforcers also having the function as positive or negative triggers and drivers:

  • Equity
  • Core values
  • The infra structure
  • The ethical values

These triggers and drivers will combined or separately form the values that will define whether a company will be successful or not.

Let us start with the vision.



1 ±: 1.1.1 The Vision - A comparison of four Swedish banks and their visions Erich Nielsen