The ± Factors Storytelling


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Besides professional writing, I am testing out two storytelling methods. One is documentary and the other is a fiction project.

The documentary project is a full review of a software development project I am involved in which will premiere shortly. As a subscriber, you will get access to visions, missions, agreements, some code, and some source name it or you can ask for it. The project was started with online communication, and during the development all conversations were done via e-mail and chats. You will get full access to all communication. Enjoy.

The fiction project is a little odder. We are not talking about a standard format as a novel or a short story. We are talking about a collection of shorter stories which I suspect suits the web quite good - whether you want to read it on your computer, on a cell phone browser or via text messages. The readers can give their comments and suggest development or enhancements of the shorter story, or if they don't have anything else to say, they can give thumbs up or thumbs down. For publishers, the story collection have the potential of becoming a coffee table book, so if you know any photographers or illustrators willing to join, feel free to make a connection. Enjoy. I know that I will.

BTW, the fiction project is also subscriber based, but you can read the intros if you just want a cheap thrill.