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Funny enough it was expressed by Jardenberg some time ago proving the point that I am not alone when we talk about business development (which is good). The Swedish text can be found here, and here follows my interpretation. If you believe that Google can make a better translation and interpretation, click here and enjoy...

Recently I have had many encounters with people who want to present their business ideas. I really love them, they always give food for thought and their contagious enthusiasm is wonderful. Often they are also good at NAILING problems and present straight forward solutions. They are also pretty good to talk about how good they are in building presentations and promise €200m after three years. But unfortunately, they rarely do something.
One of the reasons is that they do not understand what they are talking about. This makes me mad. Imagine the following situation: a young entrepreneur who has put in months of months of focusing on their idea. Enter me, old and tired, with quite a lot of ongoing projects. It is not reasonable that I should know more about their business than they know. Nevertheless ...
The wiseguy who wants to take a grip on our identities and contacts online should be knowing about Open Stack. The wiseguy who wants to do stuff with image sales online could not have missed the Creative Commons or never missed out on Flickr, honestly. I am presenting any critic of these two individuals, they were really good, but they give anyone else out there a bad rap. You need to take it up one more step, dare to go for it, do your homework, put in more hours.
[Erich Nielsen commenting: In other words, if you want to make 5 km, why do you compete with the sprinters or vice versa?)
More criticism, or tips for those who want to be a developer:
    * Transparency wins over NDA - every time. Your idea is seldom as original as you imagine. It is better to test it as early as you can in a bigger context. Increase the amount of people who can tell you that "this exists." It does not mean that you should abstain, but that if you do not know your competitors, it may prove devastating.
[Erich Nielsen commenting: Although you may feel alone when developing, you are not alone when it comes to the market and selling to the market. You want people to buy, so talk to them. Talk to people, see if they are interested. Especially talk to industry leaders, if they are interested you may have finance, if they are not interested you may find arguments for your development.)

    * Excel is not the way to world domination. If you do not have a working prototype, but choose to show an income statement pointing out the billions in the upcoming two years…it is just frivolous.
[Erich Nielsen commenting: I have seen a lot of efforts put into the excel-sheet. Too many, actually. If the developer would put just as much efforts into their development as in their excel sheet, they would have been better off. Software development is one thing, business development is another. If you are good at one thing, does that qualify you of being good at another?)

    * Purchased advertising is not the solution to everything, whether we talk about guerrilla marketing or traditional advertising. On the contrary, in most cases, if you have a somewhat specific audience or target group, and you manage to persuade them with the quality and emotions you spread, marketing will take care of itself. Viral is good, but when we talk of internet services, you should not need to buy it.
[Erich Nielsen commenting: Advertising is not the solution to everything. If you are a software developer, forget it. You can forget all kind of marketing if you haven’t thoroughly addressed your potential users needs and wants in conversations with other people. A business developer can help you with that, as well as a trained advertising agency – although the latter option may give you a higher bill.)
    * Today nothing will take months to develop from a technical point of view. A first prototype is the minimum requirement for an assessment and you should be able to produce it in a couple days. Read on if 24HBC
[Erich Nielsen commenting: If we talk about digital solutions, true. If we talk about physical solutions it may take a little more time – but surprisingly enough not so much time to stop the project from working based on a minimal investment.)
    * Work with a team that is just as dedicated as you. Do you have to start purchasing skills at the prototype stage, there may be something wrong. Wiseguys enjoy playing with wiseguys having good ideas knowing what they are doing. Network and find a way to collaborate.
[Erich Nielsen commenting: Dedication is probably one of the most important key words when it comes to business development. The good thing about dedication is that it is contagious. If you are dedicated, the people you contact and choose to cooperate with will be dedicated. If not: reconsider  - or do your thing and/or find other coops. Remember that for most people, saying “no” is easier than saying “yes” – although it in a perfect world should be the other way around.)

    * Think "yeast" capital. Forget the millions. And goddamnit, forget your salary. Hard work! Show that you believe in what you present
[Erich Nielsen commenting: If you can find smaller income models from the start, you will be much more qualified when it comes to finding “big” income models in the future (read: Investors, a daily income, a house in a vacation area). If you only work with the “big”-scenario, you will more than too often be disappointed.)

So. I realize that I probably seem like a worst kind of combination of Statler and Waldorf. But it is written in all good intention. Have you checked the points above, I hope that you add an email and see to get a meeting with me. I am not so dangerous as it sounds.

If you are interested in more qualified point of views, you can contact Joakim via or me via the contact page at

You have a great day.