The ± Factors Stop smoking or you will end up in the box

Stop smoking or you will end up in the box

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We all end up in the box some time in the future. The difference is that smokers end up there a little earlier. This is what health organizations world wide are telling us with the tobacco warning messages on the cigarette packets.

But people do not listen to the warnings and continue to smoke. How come?

Let me introduce Leslie Wilk Braksick’s PIC/NIC model. Based on the findings of Leslie Wilk Braksick (and other researchers) the strongest messages or actions, are those which show consequences that are Positive, Immediate and Certain or Negative, Immediate and Certain.

If we use the PIC/NIC model to analyze the consequences of the tobacco warning messages, what do we find?

  • Smoking causes peripheral vascular disease
  • Smoking causes emphysema
  • Smoking causes mouth and throat cancer
  • Smoking clogs your arteries
  • Don't let children breath your smoke
  • Smoking - A leading cause of death
  • Quitting will improve your health
  • Smoking harms unborn babies
  • Smoking causes blindness
  • Smoking causes lung cancer
  • Smoking causes heart disease
  • Smoking doubles your risk of stroke
  • Smoking is addictive
  • Tobacco smoke is toxic

Source: Wikipedia

The above messages tell us that smoking is:

  • Negative
  • Future (some are not that future, but they are still future)
  • Certain

Negative and Certain consequences are strong, Future consequences are weak.

Until recently there were no research giving us a lead on how we could change Future consequences into Immediate, making the warning messages more effective. Now there is.

The Swedish National Institute of Public Health published results of an interesting survey earlier this year, where they could tell that the demographic groups using most tobacco are unemployed men (49%), men on welfare (49%) and men with poor economy (40%).

So if you smoke, would you like to show the world that you may have ended up in this box:


Warning message



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