File sharing - now from a psychological point of view

Monday, 11 May 2009 12:10 Erich Nielsen
Networked computer (By courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)In Reinventing Your Life written by Jeffrey Young and Janet Klosko, the two psychologists describe a set of life traps which create unsatisfactory relationships, irrational lack of self-esteem and feelings of being unfulfilled. One of the traps they present - the entitlement lifetrap -  could actually have been applied to both parties and by both parties in the recent Pirate Bay-tr

The two psychologists found three types of entitlement lifetraps: spoiled entitlement, dependent entitlement and impulsivity. They are described as follows:

Spoiled entitlement

You see yourself as special. You are demaning and controlling, and want everything your way. When other people balk, you get angry.

Dependent entitlement

You place yourself in the weak, incompetent, needy role, and expect other people to be strong and take care of you.


You have problems with impulse control. You act on your desires and feelings without regard for the consequences.


In which category - if any - will you put the file sharer and in which category - if any - will you put the copyright holders?