The ± Factors Dialogues - Where did this one take place?

Dialogues - Where did this one take place?

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I am not for conspiracy thinking, although this may seem to prove otherwise regarding the ongoing pandemic. 

- But what if we move the focus on to something else?
Some of them giggled.
- Remember what we did in 2006?
- We can't do that again, seriously.
- Why not? People were scared shitless, billions of dollars were raised. We got a break and the market sky-rocketed.
- Seriously...
- But one more time? One more time? Serious?
- Why not?
Twelve people sitting around the table.
- And do you really think people will go for that? Ok, to be honest, I had the same idea some days ago, but the numbers... I checked with CDC. People most of all worry about their kids, and the statistics shows that kids dying of the flu in 2006 when we did it the last time was half the amount of the children dying in 2004. How can we get away with it?
- People are dying all the time. That is a part of life. And really, who cares about the numbers, it is a question of focus, isn't it? Most of all we are humans, we like to have something to cling to, something that can explain for us that we did our best, that we are not to blame.
- I don't like it. Do you?
- If it can move the focus and we'll still be in the game, I am for it.
- I am not sure.
- Let's take a vote. All for?
Eleven arms in the air.
- Why not?
- We can't do it one more time. Not the same way.
- Ok, let's give out some protective masks, give it a new name, see what happens... Can you accept that?
- Ok.
- Now we need to decide on where. Suggestions, anyone?


Where did this dialogue take place? Suggestions in the comment area, please. And if you want a different opinion, please visit my sponsors to the right or start with the following video: