The ± Factors Any functioning corporate visions around?

Any functioning corporate visions around?

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Corporate visions will be more and more important in the future. But really - what is a company vision? Normally I would say that your vision tells you and other people how far you are able to see - nothing more, nothing less.

To define this more specific and at the same time include other people's view, a corporate vision can contain one or more of the following points:

  1.  A limitation of the playground (in time and space)
  2. A goal for playing
  3. The time used for playing
  4. How to play

At the first glance, all points seem quite productive for any company, so why not include all of them? Especially since - in the best of worlds - the ideal corporate vision should include a vision that every role and funtcion could identify with. But the expressed vision may become a limiter (a minus-factor) instead of becoming an instigator (the plus-factor). Suddenly the corporate vision becomes the (in)famous box we all want to get out of.

The simplest way to create or redefine a vision, is as follows:

  1. Find the limitations (use the four above)
  2. Check if they are implicit or explicit (if they are implicit, remove them - if they are explicit, evaluate them in the next step)
  3. Check if they are internal or external (If they are internal, we talk about the company's vision, and they should be added. If they are external, we talk bout other people's vision, and they should be removed)

Do you have an example of a good corporate vision? if so, why?
Or, do you have an example of a "bad" corporate vision? If so, why?

If you like, you can buy a text on how this is done with the four biggest banks in Sweden and see how they make it.  Click here.

If not, please comment.