The ± Factors The Triggers and Drivers

The Triggers and Drivers

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Structure, titles and subheaders are ready for Part 1 - Triggers and Drivers.

Vision - On a clear day, you can see forever 
Mission - Mission (im)possible
Business idea - Who wants to be a millionaire?
Equity - Show me the money!
Core values - How do you really feel? Really?
Infrastructure - Planes, trains and automobiles
Ethical approach - CSR is a four-letter word

Owners - Give it to me
Board - Deus ex machina
Management - Who's the boss?
Employees - Working in the coal mine
Partners - When Harry met Sally
Authorities - The untouchables

Business processes - Lean on me
Cash flow - Bank on it!
Ethical behavior - I didn't do it!
Proactivity - Things to come
market position - I am the greatest!
Visualization - Looking good
Internal communication - Analyze this!

Financial results - Count on it
Products/Services/Values - Be there or be square
Customers - Friends